Find the Zen........

Find the Zen........

Friday, August 19, 2011

And away we go....

About five years ago, I started an Art project In Tn. Then I put it away, or so I Thought. My wife and I recently moved to Pagosa Springs Co.There I started on my Art Project again, When I stepped back to see if I was close to finishing.
I realized I probably would never finish.... The Earth is a Huge Canvas.

I am a Ninja Gardener and a Gorilla Landscaper and my Art medium is the woods. I randomly find a path in the woods or just an unassuming spot in Nature and I gather branches, stumps and rocks to create Temporary whimsical Scenes in Nature.
I guess you could say I was a kid that loved to build sand castles and I never got over it. Sand castles taught me many things like, Imagination is the souls playground,
Nothing lasts forever and
 when you Create, you dance with the gods.
 this will be my first attempt to share this personnel odyssey with anyone, I hope you enjoy, for I am only 1 Earthling and this is what I do.......

God IS Imagination.
Can you imagine that?

Every creature on this planet has Imagination.
Each Imagining its creation and creator,
One that equals their Imagination.
Humans have huge imaginations.

What do gods do?
They Create.
With a world full of the imaginary deity’s
Created from the Imaginations of millions Neighbors
That calls the Earth home.
AS these Gods, Goddess’s or any other concept
Any other something can imagine,
Are singing, swirling, dancing
Through our conciseness.
I realize,
When we create,

From the heart,
We hear the song,
Then Dance with the Gods.
Can you dig it?

You have noticed, I’m sure, little or sometimes not so little stacks of rocks Along trails. they are very common sight all over the world.
I have enjoyed every stack I have left behind,
knowing full well it may never be seen by me again.
The joy of Finding just the right rocks to leave behind,
Nature revealing just the right spot to leave the stack,
and Discovering the Balance that it takes

For your stack to last till the seasons change
and Clear the slate for next summers hikers,
to Find the Zen of stacking a few rocks along a trail...

This is probably the first lesson we get for being
a Ninja Gardener And a Gorilla Landscaper.

Leaving something behind that brought a smile to your face
To bring a smile to a strangers face.

As sandcastles left along a beach
Wash back into the sea
So do the adventures
imagined by its Creator.
Leaving your rock stack
Is our grown up way of
Playing sandcastles.

How to Gorilla Landscape:
Find a Place that you can create in Peace.

Stroll slowly around the canvas

Use only what is there.
(Rocks, Logs, Branches, etc)

Place them in any fashion that suits
      (Very Important)

What you create is for YOUR amusement
Enjoy YOUR dance with the Gods.

What you create
(“You had to be there” art)

How to be a Ninja Gardener:
flat out
Pimp your woods.

A small pair of snipers, GLOVES
And you’re Imagination,
is all you need.
stealthily beautify
Wild shrubs,
Bonsai small junipers
Create an Imaginary world
As big as your canvas,
One you can walk around in.Then, let it dissolve,
Back into the Earth.
(Cue “Circle of life” here)

Last but not least
Breathe in, Breathe out
repeat as necessary,
And enjoy life.

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