Find the Zen........

Find the Zen........

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

U 2 Can " Change the world"

I hear it all the time " You can't change the world" and I smile becouse I know
Its easy to change the world
Walking with my son this weekend on our trails
he asked " how do you change the world?"
I just bent down picked up a stone and tossed it 20 feet,
THERE I said I changed the world.

Some people change the world inventing a new Gadget,
some by fads or songs
 our hungry cameras  always there
to catch the next scandal.

I am not interested in changing THAT world
I'll leave that change to EARTHS Finest.
But MY world Ahhh yes lets talk about that world.
for that is a world I can change.

Lining a path with stones
or making a pyramide from dead logs
to whimsical stump art
I am changing the world in my own way
An art form that hopefully brings a smile
to the face of a fellow meanderer of the woods.

" Changing the world is NEVER exclusive
To any one person or Group"

Ninja Gardeners CREATE
For others to ponder to wonder and to inspire
The Greatest complement i could ever get
Is for someone to feel inspired to add something
to the canvas
This happened recently in the form of
two rocks and a golf ball that someone purposely
left for me to find.
Its nice for someone to see your work and comment on it.
Thanks girls for helping us

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