Find the Zen........

Find the Zen........

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Well its been awhile
summertime has me ninjagardening my own yard
some of the things I have bedoing involve a large score of
discarded building material that I aquierd.

I found the wood and the storm door as well as mettel roofing, walkd along the road for the rocks that I needed
total cost

The OG has had a bad summer so far,
Motercycles started rippin through  it again
but that seems to have stopped for now
also the land next to the land I glide through was
attacked with bulldozers and chainsaws
for the building of a barn and stable (Better then a house)
it has made for a less intement experience.

these are some of the tracks left behind by 4 wheelers
this is in the cemitary, :(

My son came for a visit and I took him through both the OG and the NG and it was nice to see him.
we went for a hike on the Piedra river
and left this behind for others to find

I will post again soon
After Garden Gardener Season
 and it gets back to the time of year
Ninja Gardening

Saturday, April 14, 2012

OG, the Original Garden

                                                   I been Takin it old skool,

By that,
 I mean I am working in the Original garden lately.
the winter snows
as well as Vandals
 wrecked havic on the gardens
and I had been having so much fun in the new garden area
That i neglected the OG.
so I slowed down, looked around and I Recreated and  rediscovered
                                                                                                     What I thought was lost

These are some of the things that tickle my eye,
As I
Glide through the woods.

Sometimes its strange that these things are here at all,
 seems they just
Magicaly appear

Go Play,
Go Make ,
A Pleasure Garden for yourself

Peace in Y'all

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sometimes I wonder
             what someone would think
                                  if they chanced upon me
                                                                    In the woods

as I uncover our yard
and discover whats been sleeping
Under the snow.
I'm also discovering the Forrest that surrounds us

 wandering through the woods
following deer trails
Picking up pieces
 rotting wood
dusting it off like a diamond
and presenting it as art.

would they look at me
Someone painting by a stream.
would I appear
A madman...

Peace In Y'all

oh yeah and as a special request

Horse shoe pits

Dart board
 (Lower part re purposed lattice)


Friday, April 6, 2012

Sitting in the woods I feel at peace.

In a world that makes little sense to me
I feel so lucky
to have a Retreat.

The Nice thing about Ninja gardening is
You can NEVER make a Mistake.
what ever you do,
its the way its supposed to be.

Lately I have been enjoying putting
interesting wood on top of old dead scrub oak branches.

I find a cool peace of wood then I clean it up, bring out all its good sides, place it on top of the Stick,
then I Clip away any twigs around
it to give it that Floating look

I also like to highlight areas that catch my eye,
stumps, Rocks or even  a group of trees.

there seems to be
 a calming effect on me
As I drift through the woods
UNaware of time
the need to do some thing

To be a ninja gardener
to create a Peace garden
of your own design
And leave it to be discoverd
even if its only for you
and the Deer.
who have given me
their blessing
by not running away
 from me anymore,
Don't you just love peace.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trespassers will

        As a Ninja gardener I trespass,

        If i didn't I would just be landscaping.

The new area that I am creating in requires,
That I cross over fences
3 Times.

sometimes I wonder about the person who,
 OWNS the land,
what would they think if they knew what I was doing on their land.
would they like it
would they hate it
who knows?
the way I look at it
I go onto your property
create a work of
Temporary art
and then gift it to the land owners
for my appreciation of the joy it gave me to
Play in the woods.

I only use what I find laying around
all art will eventually
return to the earth.

Lately though,
the fact that I trespass
has taken on new meaning
I have never met the person who owns the land
don't know who it is
as a matter of fact
I have never seen another person there

yet I am never alone.

walking along the trail
the locals watch me
wary of my every move.
the locals of course are
the deer

and this time of year the woods
Are thick with them.
I can usually walk up to them pretty close,
then sit and watch as some 20 deer
disappear then reappear between Bush's
all around me.
today I walked up to them in what I call

"The Gallery"
they were laying there in the morning sun.
The Gallery is a circular pathway
that I have concentrated art pieces
in a spiral fashion.

when I show up
I sometimes get the same feeling I got In Hi.
when you walk out on  a
 Locals only beach,
" Stink Eye "
and though this may sound silly
It is weighing heavy on me.

I don't think about trespassing
The Land owner

But I do wonder about
The Deer.

so these are pics of what I do when I am
Trespassing on YOUR land.

hope It's cool,
                                                   for EVERYTHING.

Peace in Y'all

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


After shaping snow all winter
And slogging through the woods,
The snow is retreating
revealing to my delight,
the Ninja garden.

We have also been discovering
our new yard
it should make a nice canvas.
We are ready to play
We are setting up
" Nipple Mountain Country Club"
 1 Hole
Par 1
Golf course

We are also putting in our
 Horse shoe Pits

Now as we discover the yard,
We must
Uncover the yard.

There is a thick coat of
Pine needles all over the yard
so to promote the grass
(or any thing that passes for grass)
we rake the needles
but what to do with all those needles?
Well as
Ninja gardener's there is only one thing to do,


So we have been raking the pine needles
into ring shapes around the trees
using only what was
Already there.
"Temporary Art"

We have fun making the rings
just put your feet on ether side of the rows
and sloosh walk them into
ANY shape YOU want.
Its just another way,
to create beauty from nothing.

Now go have fun!

I am getting into the
Ninja garden more often
and having  a ball.
Peace in y'all

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sand Ninjas

I saw these photos of a fellow Ninja
He uses a rake and a beach to express his Creativity.

How do you express YOUR creativity?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oh Yea!

Next winter,
          Ah yes there is always
                                 next winter
Har Valar Y'all

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ice Lanterns

What A nice gift I received the other day.
A fellow Ninja brought me Ice Lanterns she made for my birthday.
not only that she gave me the D.I.Y kit as well. so I thought I would Share it with you enjoy.

Step 1 Get BIG can and Smaller can ( About the same height)

Step 2 Fill the outer can about 3/4 of the way full
then put the thinner can inside the wider can
displacing the water to the top of the big can.
Place a weight like a rick or a chunk of fire wood
on top to keep the thinner can from floating.
got it? good now FREEZE it over night.

After it freezes you can run it under a little hot water
 and it will slide out.
Slide the inner can out as well,
now you have an Ice cylinder.
You can freeze ANYTHING into the mold
to add interest.
She also made one the same way but packing it with snow,
Which we found EZ to carve into, Check em out.

Oh What a Night

 The day after
this is what we found.
I hope you have fun with this....
                                                         We Did
Peace In Y'all