Find the Zen........

Find the Zen........

Wednesday, January 18, 2012



Sometimes, I HAVE to shovel the driveway, Sometimes I GET to shovel the driveway.
 When it snows and the car must be available, I go out and clear the driveway. Now these days I have a snow blower that takes a lot of the work out of it. I like how I can carve an edge with it and make cool pathways,  even though it is a little sloppy it does the job. that's when I HAVE to do it usually a day or two later I GET to do the driveway This time with a trusty shovel and a little imagination.
 Now most of my neighbors do what they have to, sometimes that isn't very much. That's cool to each their own, as for me
you might see me out in my driveway shoveling tiny amounts of snow and placing it just so, making rounded edges and straight lines. they think I'm meticulous, they think I'm overdoing it as they watch from their warm living rooms, what they don't know is that for a little while I'm just a kid playing in the snow.

                                                  " It's not cause I have to,
                                                                       It's cause I want to."
                                                                          Go play!

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