Find the Zen........

Find the Zen........

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tracks in the snow...

The other day I was walking to work through the ninja garden and noticed a bike track in the snow, My mind always wonders when some one has been in the woods. did they see it? did they like it? did they care?
As I was walking along, pondering, I came upon I.L.Y.K. scattered all over the snow. I looked around and noticed many other pieces had been kicked and broken. why would someone do that? strange, to destroy something that has nothing to do with anything. Was it the Bike rider? who knows. the next day I was walking through the woods again and went to another area and found Truck tire tracks through the woods
driving like a maniac dodging trees and over headstones in the cemetery. not only tearing up the land,                                                                     
But somebody went out of there way to walk to EVERY stump art and smash and trash them, Strange.

The beauty of Ninja gardening is that it is temporary and ever evolving, so to think that this hater of beauty can have any effect on the garden is laughable for it just gives me a fresh canvas on witch I can paint my master peace.
Peace in Y'all

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