Find the Zen........

Find the Zen........

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


After shaping snow all winter
And slogging through the woods,
The snow is retreating
revealing to my delight,
the Ninja garden.

We have also been discovering
our new yard
it should make a nice canvas.
We are ready to play
We are setting up
" Nipple Mountain Country Club"
 1 Hole
Par 1
Golf course

We are also putting in our
 Horse shoe Pits

Now as we discover the yard,
We must
Uncover the yard.

There is a thick coat of
Pine needles all over the yard
so to promote the grass
(or any thing that passes for grass)
we rake the needles
but what to do with all those needles?
Well as
Ninja gardener's there is only one thing to do,


So we have been raking the pine needles
into ring shapes around the trees
using only what was
Already there.
"Temporary Art"

We have fun making the rings
just put your feet on ether side of the rows
and sloosh walk them into
ANY shape YOU want.
Its just another way,
to create beauty from nothing.

Now go have fun!

I am getting into the
Ninja garden more often
and having  a ball.
Peace in y'all

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