Find the Zen........

Find the Zen........

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trespassers will

        As a Ninja gardener I trespass,

        If i didn't I would just be landscaping.

The new area that I am creating in requires,
That I cross over fences
3 Times.

sometimes I wonder about the person who,
 OWNS the land,
what would they think if they knew what I was doing on their land.
would they like it
would they hate it
who knows?
the way I look at it
I go onto your property
create a work of
Temporary art
and then gift it to the land owners
for my appreciation of the joy it gave me to
Play in the woods.

I only use what I find laying around
all art will eventually
return to the earth.

Lately though,
the fact that I trespass
has taken on new meaning
I have never met the person who owns the land
don't know who it is
as a matter of fact
I have never seen another person there

yet I am never alone.

walking along the trail
the locals watch me
wary of my every move.
the locals of course are
the deer

and this time of year the woods
Are thick with them.
I can usually walk up to them pretty close,
then sit and watch as some 20 deer
disappear then reappear between Bush's
all around me.
today I walked up to them in what I call

"The Gallery"
they were laying there in the morning sun.
The Gallery is a circular pathway
that I have concentrated art pieces
in a spiral fashion.

when I show up
I sometimes get the same feeling I got In Hi.
when you walk out on  a
 Locals only beach,
" Stink Eye "
and though this may sound silly
It is weighing heavy on me.

I don't think about trespassing
The Land owner

But I do wonder about
The Deer.

so these are pics of what I do when I am
Trespassing on YOUR land.

hope It's cool,
                                                   for EVERYTHING.

Peace in Y'all

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