Find the Zen........

Find the Zen........

Saturday, April 14, 2012

OG, the Original Garden

                                                   I been Takin it old skool,

By that,
 I mean I am working in the Original garden lately.
the winter snows
as well as Vandals
 wrecked havic on the gardens
and I had been having so much fun in the new garden area
That i neglected the OG.
so I slowed down, looked around and I Recreated and  rediscovered
                                                                                                     What I thought was lost

These are some of the things that tickle my eye,
As I
Glide through the woods.

Sometimes its strange that these things are here at all,
 seems they just
Magicaly appear

Go Play,
Go Make ,
A Pleasure Garden for yourself

Peace in Y'all

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  1. thanks for the gallery tour. inspires me to make some more myself.