Find the Zen........

Find the Zen........

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sitting in the woods I feel at peace.

In a world that makes little sense to me
I feel so lucky
to have a Retreat.

The Nice thing about Ninja gardening is
You can NEVER make a Mistake.
what ever you do,
its the way its supposed to be.

Lately I have been enjoying putting
interesting wood on top of old dead scrub oak branches.

I find a cool peace of wood then I clean it up, bring out all its good sides, place it on top of the Stick,
then I Clip away any twigs around
it to give it that Floating look

I also like to highlight areas that catch my eye,
stumps, Rocks or even  a group of trees.

there seems to be
 a calming effect on me
As I drift through the woods
UNaware of time
the need to do some thing

To be a ninja gardener
to create a Peace garden
of your own design
And leave it to be discoverd
even if its only for you
and the Deer.
who have given me
their blessing
by not running away
 from me anymore,
Don't you just love peace.

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